Mancini's Sleepworld

Since 1999, I've been the in-house graphics design for Mancini's Sleepworld in Northern California. Mancini's Sleepworld is a regional sleep-products retailer with 33 locations throughout Northern California.  When I started, Mancini's had only 11 locations. 

I've designed all graphics, print and web advertising related material since then. I was promoted to Art Director and manage all print and web design company-wide with an eye to maintaining the brand look-and-feel over the years. 

This material has included direct-mail, newspaper, web banner and in-store POP for 33 locations. I also provide graphics for vehicle wraps and have redesigned the interior office space, now under construction. 

Here's several recent examples of direct mail pieces as well as banner ads and newspaper (ROP) layouts at the bottom.  Each piece requires compositing and retouching of manufacturer provided-imagery as well as stock photos.  Often static images are provided by manufacturers, when photos including models tend to draw consumers better. I often composite stock photos with the manufacturer photos to produce the needed results. 
I've crafted the Mancini's Sleepworld look-and-feel over the years to include bright, primary colors which I've found draw the consumer into the store. Large price-points differentiate Mancini's lowest-price initiative and give consumers a means by which to comparison shop.  We've had several studies performed on our advertising vs our competitor's and people like Mancini's ads more and found them more informative overall. 
Every event requires multiple sizes of banner ads to be created using similar imagery.  Here I have multiple artboards in the required sizes created in Photoshop. Utilizing the CC Library, I'm able to quickly generate all the needed advertising.
Mancini's continues to advertise in regional newspapers, appearing in nearly 20 newspapers across Northern California. Some newspapers require half-sized ads, while others have odd dimensions. Each event requires multiple layouts and sizes. 
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