3d Photography by Sean Teegarden, see interactive image here:  http://adim16.mymobileevents.com/gallery/gallery-055/
The idea was to replicate the old-time penny arcade peep-show. I wanted to add some interactivity, so there would be controls on the front that would operate characters inside. The design was mostly Adobe Stock, with a lot of additional work of my own.  Photos taken by Sean Teegarden during the ADIM 2016 reception were used for the characters and the simple mermaid animation.  The animation was created in Photoshop using stock footage provided by Chris Converse, as well as Adobe Stock images. The design was created in Adobe Illustrator and laser cut during the conference on a Universal Laser Systems device, and then printed on a Roland printer. 

I assembled the diorama using provided pins, as well as some external objects from Bonny Lhtotka. 
Building the diorama - lots of parts and glue!
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