Captain Nemo's Deep Sea Diving Suit
Starting with a template for the base and the collar, I then used a 16" acrylic globe and cut holes into it for the eyes.  The base is made with EVA foam.

The eyes were covered by clear spice-tin tops.  

The gauges were made of spice tins and printed meters created in Illustrator/Photoshop.

Air hoses are made from wire-loom - (cable covers), painted with a aluminum paint.

Everything was painted with a flat black and then painted with a wax copper or gold depending on the piece. 

Another layer of Metal Masters Copper Paint was added to the copper layers and then patina sprayed on. (The patina solution creates a real patina on the copper in a short time.)

Gloves are rubber blasting gloves painted, collared with EVA foam.  

Boots are oversized Sketchers, with EVA foam and rope.
Final outcome - additional parts made with EVA foam, including holster and buckles. 
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